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Barbara Preston

Master Cosmetologist | Salon Manager

Hi, my name is Barbara Preston. I am a Master Colorist, Level 4 and have been a student, teacher and salon owner. My career began in Atlanta, Georgia in 1967, and my studies have taken me all over the United States from New York City, Los Angeles to many other major cities. During my time of teaching for some for the most well-known companies such as Sebastian, Goldwell and Redkin, I learnedeverything about bone structures and how to cut hair according to individual facial features. My skills have afforded many opportunities to me, such as two occasions to be a stylist for Mariah Carey, who has sold over 220 million records worldwide.

In 1975, I began working full time in local salons. Over the years, I have trained approximately thirty-five hair stylist and at least thirty of those stylist are still successful and actively working.

I have been providing hair and makeovers for a Christian discipleship program for The Potter’s House, which is a non-profit, residential, healing home for ladies bound by addictive behaviors. Before I begin, I pray and ask the Lord what He would have me to do, as He sees their inner beauty. He guides my hands and instructs me as I work on how to best allow their outer appearance to match what He sees on the inside of their hearts. Before and after photographs are always taken, so that they have a a reminder of how God is moving to bring them to a place of prosperity.

I believe my specialty is color correction, color mentoring and being completely up front with clients on what they can expect regarding color correction, as well as the length of time it will take to achieve the desired results. On each new client, I preform an analysis to determine their hair texture, bone structure, which side is best to part the hair on, along with information on the weak eye verses thestrong eye. The client is given information on what color would best compliment their natural skin tone and what cut would be best complement for their facial shape and bone structure. After color and cut are completed, clients are also educated on how to maintain their hair from home.

In order to be fulfilled at the end of my day, my bar is set extremely high in the services I provide. In utilizing all of the techniques that I have learned throughout my career, as long as I know that I havegiven the best, my clients will feel more beautiful when they leave than when they arrived. The most important part of being a hair stylist is the opportunity to use my anointing to minister to my clientswhile they sit in my chair and to continue to pray for them as the Lord instructs.


Barbara Preston
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