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Diana Cowan

Owner | Wig Specialist

I had big hair in high school. Everyone had big hair in 1993! But after I got married and had kids my hair kept getting thinner and thinner.  I covered it up for years. Camouflaged the hair loss with powders and fibers. I tried every product to make my hair grow. I went to doctors and hair loss clinics, and I always left disappointed. Nothing worked. I felt hopeless. Hair loss is devastating. 

In 2017, I found a solution! I found a hair topper that instantly gave me the hair I always dreamed of! I felt like me again for the first time in a long time. I knew then I had a choice, I could just say thank you when people said my hair was beautiful, or I could use my story to help ladies. 

I started Georgia Hair Solutions in March of 2017.  I sold hair toppers out of my bathroom! I helped ladies just like me to feel beautiful again! 


January 2022 I moved into a small shop in Jackson and was now carrying wigs, which allowed me to help more ladies. In 2022 I helped 60 ladies with cancer, and hundreds of other ladies with hair loss.  

March 2023, Georgia Hair Solutions and Salon opened! A full service salon, esthetician services & huge showroom of wigs and toppers.  We have a team who want to help ladies feel beautiful and give every person hope that walks in our doors. I want every person to know they they are loved, beautiful and prayed for. They are not alone.    I am not a hair stylist. I did not go to cosmetology school.  I am truly the least of these. But I want to use my story to help ladies.  Georgia Hair Solutions & Salon is a place that anyone can come in and get a hair cut, color, style, facials, lashes and even wigs and toppers! You will be loved and cared for and treated as family.  This is a place of love that flows so deeply you feel it as soon as you walk in.

Love is in the Hair!


Diana Cowan
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