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As a woman, losing your hair or having thin hair can be DEVASTATING! My mission is to help ladies know they are not alone, to give them hope, and to help them find a solution.

Georgia Hair Solutions carries Luxury, 100% Remy Cut Human Hair Toppers and Wigs. Hair Toppers just clip on your own hair and give you instantly more volume and coverage.  

Georgia Hair Solution is also a proud retailer of JON RENAU Hair! Hundreds of beautiful synthetic and human hair wigs and toppers to choose from in many different colors. 

Georgia Hair Solutions is not an online sales company. Appointments are made (By Appointment Only)  in person at 348 S Mulberry Street Jackson, Georgia 30223. If you are not able to go in person, we offer video consultations to give you that personal shopping experience.   Call for your in-person or virtual appointment! 


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Georgia Hair Solutions is a retailer of Jon Renau

Looking for an affordable wig or topper? Jon Renau has the highest quality and the best price!  

If you see one you like on their site, text me or message the chat for a price! You can text me a picture of your hair and I can help you find the perfect color and style too.

Diana 678-925-2952


About Georgia Hair Solutions


Hair loss - Oh I hate it! It's not what any woman wants to hear. I have Androgenetic Alopecia. It's really just a fancy word for female patterned hair loss. I started losing my hair when I was 23, after my son was born. Then it progressively got worse. I tried everything to cover it up, from powders, to medicines and every product under the sun.... but nothing would give me what I was looking for. Until I discovered Hair Toppers!! SO EASY! It just clips into my own hair. INSTANTLY I had the BIG FULL-  HIGH SCHOOL HAIR AGAIN!!   I knew I had a choice, I could keep it quiet and NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW... or, I could use my story to help other ladies. See, I prayed for years for God to grow my hair back, and He never did. So now, my prayer changed to, "Help me use this to help other ladies."  You are not defined by the hair on your head. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I am so thankful to have a solution to our hair loss and I will do whatever it takes to help you feel more confident and beautiful. 
God Bless!! 
Diana Cowan


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Georgia Hair Sisters Testimonials


I’ve been struggling with hair loss for 25 years. I’ve had numerous scalp biopsies with no real answers or help. I’ve been a loyal rogaine user for at least 15 years. I’ve had the expensive laser treatments and even bought the laser comb for home use. I have bought every hair growth product out there. I was a master at camouflage and can’t remember the last time my hair was all down. I did all of this to finally end up at a point in my life where nothing helped anymore. I’ve shed countless tears. I’ve threatened to shave my hair all off and get a wig. It’s a desperate and crushing feeling. I was really at my wit's end until a friend shared a Facebook page with me that literally changed my life! I contacted Diana and from our first conversation, I felt comfortable and hopeful that there was a solution out there for me that didn’t involve shaving my head and getting a wig! I can’t lie and say it was super easy in the beginning. I cried for the first three months trying to figure out how to wear it and style it but once I figured it out it was amazing! I’m a naturally curly girl so the straight hair on the extensions was what gave me so much grief. I tried straightening my natural hair and then tried curling the extensions and I just couldn’t find the right balance until I tried a crimper. Game changer for me! I’ve recently purchased my second topper from Diana and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with this oh so private hardship. She has encouraged me and knowing that she prays over every topper before she sends them out means the world to me. I’ve now had my topper for a year and when I share with others that I have crown extensions in they can’t believe it. I love Diana and what she offers! Thank you so much sweet lady for your dedication to fellow hair loss beauties! Kelly F.


Listen, Just do it! Diana makes the process smooth and trouble-free with her sweet nature and extensive knowledge about the product. Excellent communication from start to finish. Beautiful hair at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.


Diana is the most sweetest blessing to women struggling with thinning hair and hair loss. she was patient and compassionate in helping my sweet Mama find the perfect hairpiece. The topper is gorgeous!! I am so grateful we found Diana with Georgia Hair Solutions and I am blessed to have been there as my Mama's insecurities became a thing of the past. 
If you have been thinking about a solution to embarrassing thinning hair conditions, now is the time to contact Georgia Hair Solutions. No woman should ever have to feel less than beautiful.


I cried this morning because I felt so ugly when I looked at myself in the mirror without my hair. Then my wonderful husband hugged me, looked me in the eye, and said he loved me so much and that I would always be beautiful to him. I am truly blessed! Then I cried with tears of gratitude for my loving husband, family, and you, Diana! Yesterday was an experience I will never forget with you and Stacey. Even tho I was so uncomfortable, felt ugly and confidence so low having no hair, YOU welcomed me into your home, confessing your personal experiences with hair loss as a woman, and shared your strong faith. You promised I would leave happy and confident making certain I would leave with hair I would be happy with. You empower women! We feel your warmth and embrace! God has shared beautiful you Diana and you are a blessing. We now have a sisterhood that others cannot share unless they too are going through this. Bless you Diana, your family, & Stacey. Love that awesome wall of gorgeous hair too!


If this can help one lady—I will be happy
I have spent years seeking help for this embarrassing and hereditary problem. I wasted so much money on junk products that only seemed to make it stand out even more. I could tell when someone’s eyes went to my hair.
I began following Georgia Hair Solutions quite a while ago. I loved seeing the transformations and happiness. When my last ‘fix’ was rapidly failing and I didn’t know what to do. I desperately sent a message to Diana and what an amazing blessing she was. She worked with me, listened to me, and with the perfect solution....actually gave me back ME!
I only wish my mom had known Diana, she was so sad. 
Diana treats each of "us" like we are her only client. This is so very special.


I can’t say enough good things about Diana and Georgia Hair Solutions! Diana responded quickly to my first message and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease when we talked on the phone. She made selecting the right hairpiece easy, and was there to support me and share in my excitement on the day my hairpiece was styled by Allysha at Looks Salon (who did a fantastic job!). I am so happy I reached out to Diana, and I am loving my new hair!


Over two years ago I went through some health issues with my Testosterone levels started rising but doctors did not know why! This was causing hair to grow like a man...face, stomach area, etc., yet I was losing my hair on top! Though I finally found the reason and had surgery, my hair is not returning. I was SO embarrassed and did not like going in public or even around family without a hat of some sort!! Through a mutual friend I found Diana with Georgia Hair Solutions!!
My hair use to be thick and naturally curly! I could wash and leave it alone or dry it straight, whatever I wanted!! Now as I’m getting much older, I was tired of wearing ball caps or hats and now I can clip this on and go out in public and not be hot in a hat!! Thank you Diana and who knows, I may try another look,